CCMS Check Point Certified Multi-Domain Security Management Specialist

Duration: 2 days
Price: $2000

Gain advanced skills for effectively securing and managing a multi-domain enterprise security network. Apply understanding of open-source and Check Point troubleshooting tools and techniques to investigate and resolve complex issues.

What you'll learn:

  • Demonstrate understanding how to use advanced troubleshooting tools and techniques including: Interpreting diagnostic data with CPInfo, Collecting and reading statistical data using CPView, and Advanced troubleshooting risks.
  • List and describe the function of each component in the Check Point MDSM solution.
  • Explain how these components work together to help administrators manage multiple network security environments within a large network.
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to install and configure the MDSM environment.
  • Summarize the steps required to migrate a Security Management Server into a Domain Management Server.
  • Explain how to implement MDSM High Availability using Secondary Multi-Domain and Domain Management Servers.
  • Explain how to configure and manage policies from a Secondary Domain Management Server.
  • Explain the difference between the two types of Log Server options used to store logs in MDSM.
  • List the different types of activity logs available when using SmartConsole.
  • Describe how to view and manage Multi-Domain activity logs in SmartConsole
  • Describe how a Global Policy works in a distributed network.
  • Describe how to configure a Global Policy to manage rules for multiple domains.
  • Summarize the steps required to deploy a Global Policy.
  • Explain how to integrate SmartEvent into a Multi-Domain Environment.
  • Explain how to perform configuration changes on an MDS.
  • Describe how to use troubleshooting and debugging tools on an MDS.
  • Describe the techniques used to investigate and resolve issues with the Check Point Security Management architecture and Security Gateways.


    • Exploring the Multi-Domain Environment
    • Migrating an SMS to a Domain Management Server
    • Implementing Multi-Domain Management High Availability
    • Deploying a Multi-Domain Log Server
    • Deploying a Global Security Policy
    • Integrating SmartEvent into a Multi-Domain Environment
    • Performing Multi-Domain CLI Diagnostics
    • Troubleshooting Multi-Domain Security Management Servers

The outline for this course has not been provided.

This course is designed for security professionals who install, configure, and manage multiple security domains within their network security environment.


Solid knowledge of Unix-based and/or Windows OS and TCP/IP Networking. Check Point training/certification: CCSA and CCSE. CCVS and CCAS are useful but not required.

Prepare for exam #156-541